While you were working…

Here are a couple of pics from my first week in China. I will jump on and caption them once we’re somewhere without restricted access to WordPress.

Assuming they display in the order they’ve uploaded (and if not good luck!), they are;

1. Bund District – Shanghai
2. Li River Cruise through Limestone karst from Guilin to Yangshuo
3. Goose Pagoda – Xian
4. Overlooking Pit 1, Terracotta Warriors – Xian
5. Cycling on the city wall – Xian

About bec16

Bec is an author from the Gold Coast with over 10 years of freelance writing experience. Her first picture book is being published by Larrikin House in 2022.
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1 Response to While you were working…

  1. heather says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Looked like it was cold when you visited the warriors. I also want to know how long those white T-shirts will stay so white. Take care, am looking forward to your next blog.

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