Matryoshka, White Christmas and Reindeer Burgers

The adventure

This trip ran from 28 October 2012 to 18 January 2013 as we spent 12 weeks travelling from Shanghai to Istanbul.

The trip was built around three weeks on the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian railway as we traveled from Beijing to St Petersburg by train, making several stops along the way. From there we made the most of the European winter… lots of Christmas markets, snow and minimal other tourists.

All of the posts relating to this trip have been categorised under Matryoshka, White Christmas and Reindeer Burgers

  1. China [Shanghai to Beijing]
  2. Trans-Siberian Rail [ Beiijing – Ulanbaatar – Ulan Ude – Irkutsk – Ekaterinburg – Kazan- Moscow – St Petersburg]
  3. Finland [ Rovaniemi]
  4. UK [ London & surrounds]
  5. Netherlands
  6. Italy [Rome]
  7. Greece
  8. Turkey


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